Musings - The MacGician

Musings - "It's Not A Skirt!"

Word has gotten back to me that some of you feel I may be a tad defensive about your reactions to my wearing a kilt.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  I'm not at all defensive, it's just that your general lack of awareness regarding the kilt's savage history and the hypermasculinity of those who wear one gets wearying after a while.

Notwithstanding my obvious machismo, there are those among you who think I'm unmanly or wimpish just because of my well-groomed appearance and genteel demeanor.  Are you kidding me?  Where I come from, weekly manicures, monthly facials and regularly-scheduled appointments with a strong and attractive certified massage therapist are not an indulgence, they're a necessity, and a generous display of good manners does not make one a wimp, it makes one cultured and refined.  In any case, only real men wear kilts, for cripes sake!!  Have you never seen Braveheart?!  Is Mel Gibson a wimp?  Or Sean Connery or Kiefer Sutherland or Prince William?  Jeez Louise!

I've even heard it whispered that I might be "a little light in the loafers, if you can believe it.  Even if that was true (and I'm not saying it is), it wouldn't make me any less of a man than you...or you...or even you. There are plenty of M4M bruisers that I could name to prove my point, but I won't.  Because I'm NOT defensive!